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Emergency Response since 1991


ACR specializes in commercially-focused Property Restoration, Cleaning and Construction. Our licensed and insured technicians are rapidly responding to water, fire, and mold emergencies. 

For the past 30 years, ACR has remained privately-held and has more than 1,400 service providers nationwide, making us one of the most trusted names in the business. 

When you work with ACR, we guarantee that we will always focus on prevention, response, recovery and mitigation for any loss, big or small. We are here for you, and always working for you. 

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           Urgency Matters

When you need disaster recovery, you need help, you need a person, you need a voice. It's all in the intake process with ACR. We will quickly dispatch our team, identify major concerns, and begin mobilizing an appropriate response. 

Quickly Defined Roles icon

Quickly Defined Roles

We define a scope of services upon intake and dispatch an accelerated response. This helps you move toward disaster recovery with minimal business disruption. By prioritizing efficiency in role definition, we ensure the unique needs you have are met (and met swiftly).
Effective Communication icon

Effective Communication

Quickly establish loss characteristics, immediate concerns, and a desired communication style. This immediately streamlines the recovery process, ensuring clarity and alignment between all parties, which fosters swift and efficient resolution during a crisis.
Appropriate Response icon

Appropriate Response

Our effective consultation during intake will ensure appropriate resources arrive. This consultation will establish the loss characteristics and ensure the right resources and personnel are en route. Only with the right resources on-site can proper mitigation begin.
A Secured Site icon

A Secured Site

Make it safe—identifying hazards is essential during the first phases of recovery. This preserves valuable assets from further harm and provides a controlled environment, preventing unauthorized access and potential liabilities. Handling this part of the situation is vital to remote stakeholders or property managers.
Appropriate Resource Application icon

Appropriate Resource Application

Proper intake may reveal the need for special services such as emergency power. Building heat and cooling are essential services and may be required to maintain operations, prevent further damage, or ensure the safety and comfort of building occupants following a disaster. Proper intake will reveal the need for these necessary resources, allowing for the proper equipment and personnel to be dispatched efficiently.
Accelerated Mitigation icon

Accelerated Mitigation

ACR will immediately begin all mitigation procedures utilizing best practices with structured pricing. We communicate daily on all processes, status, and deliverables in writing with photo documentation. This accelerated recovery timeline will minimize disruptions and provide a clear path to restoration, giving your businesses the confidence of a swift return to operations.

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ACR Programs

Powered by expertise

MSA or Master Service Agreement

As a full-service solution, our Master Service Agreement (MSA) is our top-tier contract between ACR and a client, establishing ACR as the primary service provider for disaster recovery and/or specialty cleaning services. This agreement delineates expectations, services, and pricing, ensuring clarity and rapid response during emergencies.

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  • By having an MSA in place, businesses can achieve seamless disaster recovery, knowing their needs are anticipated and prioritized.
  • A top-tier contract with clear expectations, services, and pricing provides peace of mind along with transparency and clarity in all disaster recovery dealings.
  • With ACR's expertise and preestablished procedures outlined in the MSA, the recovery process can start quickly, minimizing business disruption and associated financial losses.
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Readiness! Program is an Emergency Response Plan

Our Readiness! Program is an ERP (Emergency Response Plan) agreement offered by ACR that provides comprehensive building assessments tailored for disaster preparedness. It includes critical details such as building photos, contact information, and emergency documentation.

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  • This living document keeps you ahead of emergency planning, and it can be continually updated with the most recent and relevant information.
  • A simple and sharable quick reference for what to do, how to do it, and who to call provides solutions in advance of an emergency.
  • ACR starts it, and the client builds upon this program at their own pace, or ACR consults and collaborates along the path of preparedness.
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MOU or Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a formal agreement between two or more parties outlining the terms and details of mutual commitments. Having a written MOU in place signifies a shared understanding and intent to collaborate on specific and important needs.

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  • A written and filed MOU is often a requirement in emergency management planning. ACR fulfills that requirement by agreeing to provide specific resources.
  • A MOU is often used to supplement existing disaster recovery planning, especially when clients already have complex planning in place.
  • A MOU can be specific for certain resources such as water extraction, or it can include complete wrap-around services to supplied by ACR.
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SLA or Service Level Agreement

This contract outlines the specific standards and response times a service provider must adhere to. It ensures timely and efficient restoration or cleaning, detailing what pre-agreed services will be provided, how quickly they'll be delivered, and the quality standards to be met.

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  • Because this is service-based and frequency-based, it can supplement all other agreements or function as a stand-alone.
  • An SLA can include all service solutions but is more often used in maintenance programs for carpet, flooring, and upholstery.
  • An SLA utilizes a easy-to-read schedule along with our advanced notification system of what, when, and where will happen.
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Catastrophe Response Leadership

We follow principles that mirror the four phases of emergency management, and we focus on these items with all clients.

  • Prevention
  • Response
  • Recovery
  • Mitigation
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ACR has been solving problems and providing solutions on a national level, helping our largest companies and industries 24/7/365, for over 30 years.


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