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Critical Infrastructure icon

Critical Infrastructure

ACR is a leading provider of restoration or cleaning services tailored for critical infrastructure sectors. Specializing in rapid response and recovery, ACR adeptly handles complex challenges such as water damage, fire restoration, and other impacts from natural or man-made disasters. ACR guarantees thorough damage assessments, efficient protocols, and detailed procedures, all aligned with the unique demands of critical infrastructure leaders. ACR is an indispensable partner in maintaining the continuity of crucial services.

Food manufacturing, transportation, and more is not allowed to fail. ACR supports you.

Municipal & Government icon

Municipal & Government

Let ACR play a crucial role in assisting your municipality or government-managed entity during planning or times of crisis. When public infrastructure is compromised due to disasters like floods, fires, or storms, our company steps in with expertise and resources to rapidly assess and repair the damage. Our services can be vital in restoring essential public buildings and facilities, minimizing service disruptions, and ensuring public safety. With our specialized skills and equipment, ACR can enable government bodies to quickly bounce back from unforeseen events, maintaining the continuity of critical public services and reinforcing the community's resilience against current or future challenges.

We provide wrap-around support services for those who protect us during times of distress.

Healthcare icon


ACR can be your trusted partner in safeguarding healthcare facilities during planning and in times of crisis. When healthcare infrastructure faces challenges from disasters like floods, fires, or storms, our team steps in with expert knowledge and resources for immediate assessment and repair. Our services are essential in quickly restoring hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities, ensuring minimal disruption to critical healthcare services and patient safety. With our specialized skills and advanced equipment, ACR is equipped to help healthcare institutions swiftly recover from unexpected events, maintaining the seamless operation of vital medical services and bolstering the resilience of the healthcare system against current and future adversities.

Compliance is key within this vital sector. So our training involves advanced protocols.

Manufacturing / Industrial icon


With one call, ACR is here for you, both in proactive planning and during times of crisis. When manufacturing or industrial clients are impacted by disasters such as floods, fires, or storms, our experienced response team promptly steps in with the necessary expertise and resources for rapid assessment and effective repair. Our services are crucial in swiftly restoring production lines, warehouses, and other industrial sites, minimizing downtime and loss of productivity. ACR can help these facilities quickly rebound from unforeseen events, maintain continuous operations, and enhance their robustness against both current and future challenges.

For producers of goods or services, ACR understands today's on-demand pressures.

Large Retail icon

Large Retail

In the event of disasters like floods, fires, or storms impacting retail infrastructures, our skilled team quickly mobilizes, bringing specialized expertise and resources for immediate damage assessment and repair. ACR operates with large retail clients daily, our services minimizing disruptions to customer service and business continuity. ACR utilizes advanced account management and experience to assist retail clients in rapidly overcoming challenges, ensuring seamless operation, and strengthening their capacity to handle future building problems in the ever-evolving retail sector.

This industry—which includes businesses that sell everything from groceries to shingles—is often considered critical and cannot simply close after a disaster.

Property Management icon

Property Management

Accelerated response is vital for minimizing disruptions to tenants and maintaining property operations. ACR can handle multi-site or multi-state property management portfolios promptly and effectively. Easy one-call disaster recovery can help your property managers maintain the safety and integrity of their buildings, ensuring tenant satisfaction and preserving the value of the properties under their management, thus playing a crucial role in the stability and resilience of your managed property portfolios. 

ACR provides real-time insights into the conditions of assets after disaster, helping you make smarter decisions.

Hospitality icon


ACR has been vital to the hospitality industry for decades, offering rapid response and expert restoration services for hotels, resorts, and restaurants facing disasters like fires or floods. We focus on minimizing operational downtime and quickly restoring venues to their pristine state, ensuring uninterrupted guest experiences and maintaining business reputation. Our advanced techniques and discreet operations help hospitality businesses maintain safe, welcoming environments, crucial for customer retention and smooth business continuity.

Quick recovery methods applied with our decades of experience leads to improved guest experiences and operational resilience.

Large Venue icon

Large Venue

ACR is experienced at assisting large-venue clientssuch as stadiums, theaters, or convention centerswith specialized restoration and cleaning services. Understanding the unique challenges faced by these expansive spaces, especially when dealing with disasters like floods or fires, enables ACR to offer rapid, efficient response that minimizes downtime and disruption to events and operations. Our teams can handle large-scale challenges effectively, ensuring the venue is returned to its optimal condition swiftly.

For special cleaning needs, ACR has services specific to the requirements of large venues, focusing on deep cleaning, sanitization, and maintenance of high-traffic areas to uphold health and safety standards. ACR helps large venue clients maintain their reputation and operational efficiency, ensuring they are event-ready.

From emergency quick-turn cleanings to emergency services, ACR makes sure the show goes on.

Multi-Family Housing icon

Multi-Family Housing

ACR provides emergency services for multi-family housing complexes, addressing challenges like water, fire, and storm damage with speed and efficiency. Our team quickly assesses the extent of the damage and implements effective restoration strategies that are crucial for minimizing disruptions to residents lives. ACR's expertise in handling the complexities of multi-family housing makes us a reliable partner, ensuring quick recovery from unexpected damages while enhancing the resident quality of life.   

Safe and clean environments, along with swift recovery, help safeguard housing investments.

Education icon


ACR provides crucial support to educational institutions, from schools to universities, in managing and recovering from damages due to events like fires, floods, or storms. Recognizing the importance of minimal disruption to the academic environment, our team swiftly evaluates and addresses damage, ensuring a quick and effective restoration process, prioritizing the safety and comfort of students and staff. ACR's commitment to providing tailored restoration and cleaning services for educational institutions ensures that they can continue to offer a safe, uninterrupted learning experience, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

From K-12 to complex university systems, ACR understands your crucial community role during disasters.

Senior Living icon

Senior Living

ACR plays a vital role in supporting senior living communities, providing specialized restoration and response services tailored to their unique needs. In the event of water, fire, or storm damage, ACR's team responds swiftly to assess and repair the damage with minimal disruption, ensuring the comfort and safety of residents who are often more vulnerable to the stresses of such situations. ACR's dedicated approach to servicing senior living communities ensures that these facilities can quickly recover from unforeseen damages while maintaining a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for their residents. This commitment helps preserve the quality of life and well-being of the seniors, providing peace of mind for both residents and their families.  

These supportive and enriching environments for older adults have special needs during disasters.

Entertainment icon


ACR offers specialized support for entertainment venues, addressing the unique challenges they face in restoration or cleaning. During events like fires, floods, or storms, ACR's rapid response teams efficiently assess and repair damage, crucial for minimizing downtime and ensuring these venues can quickly resume hosting events and entertaining guests.

Understanding the high foot traffic and the need for immaculate presentation in entertainment spaces, ACR provides special cleaning services. This includes deep cleaning of auditoriums, stages, seating areas, and public facilities, focusing on both aesthetic appeal and hygiene. ACR's expertise in handling the specific needs of entertainment venues ensures they remain operational, visually appealing, and safe for public use, helping them maintain their reputation as prime locations for entertainment and social gatherings.

When the curtain closes, ACR goes to work. We always make sure the show goes on.

Explore your service solution

service solutions

We provide disaster recovery and cleaning solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client and circumstance across our national footprint. ACR has you covered during emergency situations. From water extraction to full emergency management wrap-around services, we are solution-driven. 

Disaster Recovery Planning icon

Disaster Recovery Planning

Risk assessment and planning, pinpointing vulnerabilities, communication protocols—ACR offers expert guidance on these and more.
Structured Service Agreements icon

Structured Service Agreements

Our SSAs are designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing disaster response strategies or standalone recovery plans.
Water Damage Mitigation icon

Water Damage Mitigation

Swiftly address water damage, minimizing its impact on your business operations with an accelerated response.
Fire & Smoke Damage Mitigation icon

Fire & Smoke Damage Mitigation

30 years of specialized experience with fire and smoke incidents means we can help you halt cascading repercussions.
Mold, Contamination, or Pathogen icon

Mold, Contamination, or Pathogen

Specific protocols and methods of decontamination, along with best practices, mean compliance.
 Carpet Restoration & Cleaning icon

Carpet Restoration & Cleaning

Does it need restoration or just cleaning? Let us help with a maintenance program.
Hard Surface Flooring Solutions icon

Hard Surface Flooring Solutions

Basic or sophisticated flooring types all require specific care, so let us help you achieve maximum durability.
Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning icon

Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

These are perhaps your most expensive interior design element, so let us preserve and protect them.
Air Duct Cleaning icon

Air Duct Cleaning

It all starts and ends here, in the unseen airways of your building.
 Draperies & Textiles icon

Draperies & Textiles

Whether you need maintenance cleaning or restorative efforts, ACR has the experience with these often large and custom fixtures.
Specialty Cleaning icon

Specialty Cleaning

Nothing is out of scope, from industrial cleaning to historic building elements or museum pieces.
ACR served 813 clients in 2023


Commercial clients served in 2023
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ACR offers 1,076 Points of Presence in the United States with 1-Hour Response


Points of presence in the United States with one-hour response
Gallons of Storm Water Extracted in 2023 from ACR


Gallons of storm water extracted in 2023
80 million square feet of carpet cleaned in 2023


Square feet of carpet cleaned in 2023

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